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Greetings, and welcome to the Loveland Shorts Film Festival!  Our festival team is committed to producing a festival that is top-tier and one that attending filmmakers want to return year after year. The LSFF’s focus is entirely on Short Film entries; those 20 minutes or less in length.

The festival will take place in the city of Loveland, Ohio on August 2, 3, and 4th. The venue for the festival is a quaint movie theater in our historic downtown with a seating capacity of 180 and additional rooms for workshops and concessions.


Loveland is excited to host this annual festival with the complete support and backing of its Mayor, City Manager, restaurants, local businesses, and the community at large. Loveland, also known as “The Sweetheart of Ohio,” is rated one of the ten best small towns in Ohio. The arts-focused community is home to art festivals and art crawls, live theater, music venues, an authentic medieval castle, and now, the LSFF. The beautiful Little Miami River and Ohio bike trail run through the middle of town, offering scenic views for outdoor enthusiasts enjoying kayaking, canoeing, biking or, just wandering through boutique shops and restaurants for all tastes.


Come join us for our very 1st LSFF and experience Loveland, “The Sweetheart of Ohio”.



To bring a creative and welcoming environment for independent filmmakers by providing venues in Loveland to showcase their work.  We will inspire and nurture students of the cinema by offering insightful resources to enhance their craft and provide an opportunity for the community to immerse itself in the art of filmmaking.


The Loveland Shorts Film Festival is a highly desirable cinema experience where hundreds of artists enthusiastically reveal the product of their passion & talent in filmmaking.

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Our Team.

The following individuals are the driving force behind our festival's success. They work tirelessly to curate an exceptional lineup of films and create an unforgettable experience for all attendees. 

Gary Giver

Mark Sova

Kelly Sova

Dan Peterson

Michael Yarick

Bob Kessler

Kiya Fix

Justin Hanks

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